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July 14th, 2007, 5:27 am


Okay guys, I know I haven't uploaded anything in a long fucking time, and I apologize severely. The issue with that being I have no scanner at the moment. the thing broke, don't ask me how. << Also don't ask me why I didn't post this sooner...o-o

So, untill I GET a scanner, I have no way of uploading the new comics I drawed, which means no NBtD. t3h suck. HOWEVER, I will make an attempt to draw them otherwise, either by MSPaint (Probably not paint though...I'm not subjecting you to that crap) or I'll draw them from scratch on Photoshop. Either way, I promise you I'll make some kind of attempt to get back on track with my updates, and shit, so yeah. That's about it.

Also, marshmellows. =D

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